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    May 30th - 9:00am
    P.A.W.S. "A Walk in the Park" Memorial Park

    June 6th - 10:00am
    Volunteer Orientation: Humane Society, 1308 Myrtle St. in Fulton. For more information call 361-729-8186.

    June 20th - 9:00am-2:00pm
    Rockport Market Days

    June 27th - 9:00am
    P.A.W.S. "A Walk in the Park" Memorial Park

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    Be sure to check out our coffee!

    The shelter receives proceeds from sales. It's good quality and makes a great gift!
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  • Dogwalkers Needed

    Dogwalkers Welcome!

    Come join PAWS (Pups And WalkerS). All of our dogs need more time on a leash! All sizes of dogs available! The one on one time is invaluable in helping our dogs get adopted. You'll enjoy yourself and get some exercise at the same time!

  • Download Wooftrax

    Support us while you walk!

    Get WoofTrax for the Android and iPhone.
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  • Help Dingo

    Meet Dingo.

    This beautiful male, neutered shepherd mix has lived at the Humane Society for approximately 1,975 days! Imagine that... a great looking, fun, energetic guy who would make someone a great companion! Dingo likes running, playing, and pets. If you are a runner, walker, hiker, camper, traveler, bike rider or just like to sit out in your backyard, this is your man! Dingo has certainly been safe, well fed, vetted and been taken on outings during his tenure with the Humane Society, but he needs to have a home of his own. He likes to outside, so if you have a large yard, a ranch, a farm, where he can run and play, that will work. If you have a smaller yard, but like to go for walks and pat on a good dog, that will work, too! There must be someone out there who can adopt this sweet fellow. Pass the work and let's get Dingo a home before he hits 2,000 !


The Humane Society of Rockport and Fulton offers many services to help area dog and cat owners keep their pets vaccinated and spayed and neutered at affordable prices.

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Pups have all the fun! 2013 Lifesaving Grant Proud Recipient

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There's lots of ways to help the dogs and cats that call the Humane Society home. You can give money for pet meds or supplies, your time, or even supplies. Of course the best present you could give any dog or cat is a forever home!

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