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  • Calendar


    March 21st - 9:00am-2:00pm
    Rockport Market Days

    March 28th - 8:30am
    P.A.W.S. "A Walk in the Park" Memorial Park

    April 4th - 10:00am
    Volunteer Orientation: Humane Society, 1308 Myrtle St. in Fulton. For more information call 361-729-8186.

    April 18th - 9:00am-2:00pm
    Rockport Market Days

    April 25th - 8:30am
    P.A.W.S. "A Walk in the Park" Memorial Park

  • gifts

    Be sure to check out our wine and coffee!

    The shelter receives proceeds from both. Links to both are on this home page. Both are good quality and make good gifts!

  • Dogwalkers Needed

    Dogwalkers Welcome!

    Come join PAWS (Pups And WalkerS). All of our dogs need more time on a leash! All sizes of dogs available! The one on one time is invaluable in helping our dogs get adopted. You'll enjoy yourself and get some exercise at the same time!

  • Download Wooftrax

    Support us while you walk!

    Get WoofTrax for the Android and iPhone.
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  • Fostering

    Long term or short term...Fostering makes a HUGE difference in the lives of dogs and cats.

    1. Fostering long term can make additional space at the shelter so another cat or dog can be brought to safety.
    2. Dogs and cats who are fostered gain a lot of valuable experiences living in a home environment.
    3. Information learned will enable shelter staff to better match a pet with the right family.
    4. Dogs and cats are more comfortable living in a home.
    5. Fostering helps dogs/cats build confidence and feel more secure.

    Don't automatically think you can't foster because either a) you don't have time, b) would get too attached, c) don't have enough room or d) have pets of your own. It doesn't take much time to say a few kinds words and pat a head of a foster. Getting too attached could be an issue, but you will be glad for the bittersweet experience knowing that you have made the life of a shelter animal better! Don't have enough room...if you have a laundry room, fenced back yard, family room and maybe a few baby's a snap! Pets of you own will only help to enrich the time the foster spends with you- pets learn behaviors.

    Please consider fostering. It DOES make a difference!


The Humane Society of Rockport and Fulton offers many services to help area dog and cat owners keep their pets vaccinated and spayed and neutered at affordable prices.

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Pups have all the fun! 2013 Lifesaving Grant Proud Recipient

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There's lots of ways to help the dogs and cats that call the Humane Society home. You can give money for pet meds or supplies, your time, or even supplies. Of course the best present you could give any dog or cat is a forever home!

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