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  • "Canine Classics" and "Kittie Klassics"

    The Humane Society and Adoption Center is a NO KILL facility as you all probably know by now. They are welcome to stay at our shelter for as long as needed. Some animals here look for a home longer than others. We want to place animals in the best home possible, and sometimes that takes a while! At this moment we have several "Canine Classics" and "Kittie Klassics" living with us, which are dogs or cats at least 7 years old. Some of these guys came to us when they were youngsters and have never left. They have the basic needs provided at the Humane Society, including food, water, beds, toys, and many have a friend to play with. However, we would like to see ALL dogs and cats in a loving forever home at some time in their lives! Please consider fostering or adopting an older dog or cat. Surely everyone will agree that every living creature should have a soft place to lay their head, a kind voice to talk to them, their own bowl, bed, and a warm or cool spot to live. If you agree with this, think seriously about giving a "Canine Classic" or a "Kittie Klassic" a home to call their own before it's too late for them.

  • Calendar


    February 7th - 10:00am
    Volunteer Orientation: Humane Society, 1308 Myrtle St. in Fulton. For more information call 361-729-8186.

    February 21st - 9:00am-2:00pm
    Rockport Market Days

    February 28th - 8:30am
    P.A.W.S. "A Walk in the Park" Memorial Park

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  • Dogwalkers Needed

    Dogwalkers Welcome!

    Come join PAWS (Pups And WalkerS). All of our dogs need more time on a leash! All sizes of dogs available! The one on one time is invaluable in helping our dogs get adopted. You'll enjoy yourself and get some exercise at the same time!

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The Humane Society of Rockport and Fulton offers many services to help area dog and cat owners keep their pets vaccinated and spayed and neutered at affordable prices.

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There's lots of ways to help the dogs and cats that call the Humane Society home. You can give money for pet meds or supplies, your time, or even supplies. Of course the best present you could give any dog or cat is a forever home!

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